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Parson House Outdoor Pursuit Centre

Canoeing & Kayaking

From running river riding the rapids to leisurely meandering down the canal, we have something to offer every age group and ability level.

Kayaking offers you the opportunity to master your own boat, while canoeing gives you the security and stability of a larger craft - ideal for families.

With both kayaking and canoeing, we can take you from calm water basics to the thrill of white water paddling.

Situated on the local canal. Initially you will learn the basic strokes to enable full control over the boat followed by games to develop skills and confidence. Then we take a small trip down the canal; taking in the history and seeing the places where ‘The Full Monty’ was filmed.

Or if you have some experiences why not try the river?

And after that why not let us take you down the River Wye; spectacular scenery in the Welsh borders, lovely river, wild campsites, peace and tranquillity, takes you away from the hustle and bustle of work. This is a 6-day trip, contact us for a price.

The centre provides all the necessary equipment and transport, all you need to bring is a towel, change of clothing and footwear.

Canoeing (2 people per canoe) an excellent opportunity for teamwork, co-ordination, listening and communication skills, work together to maneuver the canoe safely down the canal, trust each other, work within a small team. A great sense of achievement when you have completed the journey and is ideal for all - families, disabled and young children.

Kayaking (1 person ) learn how to maneuver the kayak around obstacles, in a straight line, develop your co-ordination skills, self esteem & Confidence, trust yourself as you venture along in the kayak, it’s you doing all the work in this craft. A great sense of power and self esteem when you have completed the journey.

Only the brave need apply!

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