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Parson House Outdoor Pursuit Centre

Caving & Pot Holing

‘As hobbits you will find a hole filled with muck and slime!’

A great activity for summer or winter as the temperature underground remains constant throughout the year.

Investigate the amazing underground world of the Peak District. Complete the full exploration of an impressive system of passages, which offer a variety of routes of different heights, widths, and degrees of difficulty. This means that your instructor will be able to choose a route that suits your ability and comfort levels. There are routes through the cave that even the claustrophobic will be able to handle, or we can have you squeezing through unbelievably tight holes and crawling through narrow passages. It’s all up to you and you will never be forced into a situation that you are not entirely comfortable with.

Enjoy interesting tales of the long ago miners and search out strange formations such as the Oyster Beds, stalagmites and stalactites.

Have you ever seen total darkness?

No other light around, no light switches on the wall ...this is the real thing.

We can provide you with caves for all tastes, go on have a go… you know you want to.

You will need to bring a change of clothing.

Caving to explore the underworld. What does it offer for educational purposes? Caving is an amazing experience not to be missed.  See the young peoples self esteem & confidence grow as they discover a secret world underground.  It encourages teamwork, trust, patience, communication, co-ordination let alone keeps you fit.  Caving works all the body, providing a physical and mental challenge.

Only the brave need apply!

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