Climbing & Abseiling

If you have a taste for the heights and climbing to the stars then leaping into the unknown then these activities are for you.


Climbing remains one of the most popular outdoor activities, combining skill, strength and a little courage to provide a really satisfying experience.

Whether you are new to the sport, keen to start lead climbing, experienced but wanting to improve or needing a formal climbing qualification, we have something for you.

Based in the spectacular and beautiful Peak District which has the finest rock in Britain, combined with Parson House as your base camp, this is the perfect opportunity to further your climbing or abseiling skills.

You can receive instruction on technique and safety skills from a qualified member of staff, you get to choose the grade of climbing and abseiling to suit your ability and as well as getting plenty of hands-on experience, you will get the opportunity to learn about the climbing equipment and essential rope and safety techniques.

Climbing is the activity of using one’s hands and feet to ascend a steep object. Young people love to climb and we can offer them the experience in a safe controlled environment. Climbing ticks so many boxes for education and personal development; It enables trust, confidence, self esteem, social interaction, teamwork, balance and co-ordination. It gives an over powering sense of achievement, and you don’t have to reach the top of the climb.

It’s also a great way of keeping fit, and is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.

Indoor Climbing Wall

Enjoy climbing indoors! Our specialist indoor climbing wall has loads of different climbing routes to chalenge you.

From beginners upwards, flakes, overhangs, lead climbs you name it we’ve got it. Learn how to belay and set up climbs, then let us proceed outdoors, you’ll love it. This wall is great for the youngsters; allowing them to gain confidence and learn climbing skills before going outdoors.


Enjoy the thrill of abseiling down an 85ft viaduct bridge, with a free abseil, or abseil down the local grit stone quarries.

Where ever we abseil you will never forget the ‘buzz’ of it all, the thrill of being in charge of your descent whilst being safe at all times on a safety rope. Our staff will ensure you learn about the sport within the safety parameters and enjoy your day.

Grit stone or Limestone we can abseil or climb it together, if you have never climbed or abseiled before we can organise it around your requirements, if you have then lets go for it…

The centre provides all necessary equipment required.

Abseiling is controlled descent down a rock face/cliff. As with climbing it offers so many educational values; co-ordination, trust, self confidence & esteem, a sense of achievement, balance, teamwork and an amazing sense of self control. A thrilling experience for everyone.

We used Parson House for a Stag weekend and we all agreed it was an excellent location for a stag weekend. Debbie and the Instructors gave us a warm welcome on arrival and when doing all the events, everyone had a great time doing these events, the food was great and the rooms clean and tidy when we arrived! On the Saturday night we went in to Sheffield and had a good night in town.

Overall the food was great the location was fantastic and the Staff very friendly Helpful and welcoming. Hope we can do it again when I have recovered!!! I would recommend Parson House to any group looking for a fun weekend away.


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