Operation Burbage

1 Day Team Building Mission

The day begins by solving initiative tasks, and analysing the team’s effectiveness. The challenge is then presented. The team’s tasks begin.

Does the team split – or do they stay together?

They must cover the surrounding area, collect instructions and return to the team.

Who goes? Who stays? Who has the experience? Who is the leader?

The challenge has to be put together within a time limit, or the team is heavily penalised.

A test of skill, determination, communication, patience and team awareness.

Rewards for positive outcomes.

What a gem! We were blown away by Debbie’s hospitality - she really does go the extra mile to ensure guests are happy and nothing feels like too much trouble. The flat is a great size, clean, well equipped and super cosy. The welcome pack of eggs and bacon was such a nice touch and very much appreciated. We will definitely be back!

Emma Bainbridge

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Telephone: 01433 631 017   |   Email: info@parsonhouse.com

Parson House, Houndkirk Road, Sheffield S11 7TW
Adventure Activities Licensing Authority
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